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Winch-Assist: Making Steep Slope Harvesting in BC Safer and Productive focuses on the history of the development and implementation of winch assist harvesting systems in BC. This FPBC webinar also covers planning, development, and operational processes.

After attending, participants will:

  • understand winch-assist harvesting systems history;
  • understand steep slope safe work regulations and processes;
  • understand the planning, development and operational steps to implement a winch-assist operation.

Audience: Forest professionals working in harvest operations and OHS.


  • Ryan Potter, RPF, Tolko;
  • John Ligtenberg, RPF, WorksafeBC; and
  • Darcy Moshenko, RPF, WorksafeBC.

Additional resource(s): Steep Slope Logging Regulations, from WorksafeBC.

This resource outlines the key regulatory requirements when operating logging equipment on steep slopes. It includes the specific requirements for steep slope logging as well as some of the requirements for all workplaces that are most relevant for this type of forestry operation.

Practice areas: Forest harvest operations management and oversight.