Why Hire a Forest Professional?

If your company or organization is undertaking activities that may affect forest and/or forest lands or forest resources, including urban forests, you should ensure a registered forest professional is part of your team.

Under BC’s Professional Governance Act (PGA), the Forest Professionals Regulation defines professional forestry as the provision of advice or services related to trees, forests, forest lands, forest resources, forest transportation systems, or forest ecosystems.

The act also stipulates that only individuals registered and licensed by Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC) can legally practise professional forestry in BC.

FPBC works in the public interest by setting education standards for people seeking to practise professional forestry; setting professional service practice standards, competency standards, and a code of ethical and professional conduct; and holding registrants to account for following professional standards via a public complaint and discipline process.

Benefits of Hiring a Registered Forest Professional

Registered forest professionals are competent, have the appropriate education, skills, and experience, and ensure the law and professional standards of practice are followed when managing or implementing forestry-related work.

Managing for Multiple Values

Societal expectations for forest and forest lands are changing. People value our forests not only for their natural beauty, but also for the recreation opportunities they provide. Registered forest professionals are experienced in balancing what the public wants with what government policies and laws require.

Public Protection

Climate change means our forests and nearby communities are at risk from wildfires and floods. Registered forest professionals are adept at managing forest and forest lands, taking into account the effects of climate change and mitigating the risks posed by wildfires.

Reduce Environmental and Operating Risks

Hiring a registered forest professional reduces your environmental and operating risks, as well as other liabilities involved in forest management.

Understanding Your Risk

Registered forest professionals should be used if:

  • the work in the forest or forest lands requires judgement and interpretation;

  • there is high public interest and scrutiny about the decisions and work; and

  • the work involves operating risks and other business liabilities.

Registered forest professionals must be used if:

  • the public or environment could be put at risk if the advice or services in relation to the work being done in the forest or on forest lands is done improperly; or

  • if the experience and knowledge of a forest professional could mitigate the risk.

Develop a plan to meet your operation goals and objectives.

Registered forest professionals can help you adhere to regulatory requirements; ensure public safety; assist you in protecting water quality and wildlife habitat; help mitigate the risk of wildfire; and provide alternative plans and options for achieving your desired outcomes.

Achieve Social Licence

Utilizing registered forest professionals assures the public that the people undertaking the work are competent and will follow BC’s laws governing forests and the environment while balancing the public interest in conjunction with the health and sustainability of the forest.

It’s the Law

BC’s Professional Governance Act stipulates that only individuals licensed by and registered with Forest Professionals BC are legally allowed to practise professional forestry in BC, no matter how knowledgeable they are about forests.

Who Hires Forest Professionals?

Forest professionals work for a wide range of employers:

  • Indigenous, municipal, and provincial governments;

  • forest companies;

  • forest and environmental consulting firms;

  • other natural resource companies; and

  • forest research and academic institutions.

Hiring a Forest Professional?

If you are an employer hiring for a position that must be filled by a forest professional, use the FPBC registrant directory to check if your candidates are registered with FPBC and eligible to practise professional forestry in BC: