Educational Resources

The resources listed below provide information about forestry and careers in forestry.

Infographic – What’s a Forest Professional?

A handy infographic explaining the two main types of forest professionals, the types of work they commonly do, and the educational requirements to become a forest professional.

Infographic – Pathways to a Career as a Forest Professional

This infographic shows the educational pathways to becoming registered with FPBC, a requirement for practising forestry in BC.

FPBC Education and Career Fair Booth

Set up the FPBC booth at community events or education and career fairs to get the word out about careers as a forest professional. The booth is subject to availability.

Request the FPBC trade show booth.

Career Brochure

Distribute the FPBC career brochure when you visit students at schools or career fairs. This brochure is targeted to high-school students and provides basic information about choosing a career in forestry:

Request copies of either booklet.

Booklets and Handouts