Protecting the Public Interest

Forest Professionals BC (FPBC) works in the public interest by ensuring only those with the requisite education, experience, knowledge, and competence practise professional forestry.

We do this by setting education standards for professionals to enter the profession; setting professional service practice standards, competency standards, and a code of conduct; and holding our registrants to account for following professional standards via a public complaint and discipline process.

All FPBC registrants are bound by the Code of ‎Ethical and Professional Conduct and are responsible for holding paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public and ‎the protection of the environment.

FPBC registrants ensure the multiple values society has assigned to BC’s forests are balanced and considered. These pages explain the practice of professional forestry and activities undertaken by FPBC that may be of interest to the general public.

What is Professional Forestry?

The practice of professional forestry means providing advice or services in relation to trees, forests, forest lands, forest resources, forest transportation systems, or forest ecosystems.

Registrant Directory

Find a forest professional through the FPBC public directory of forest professionals.

Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples

The practice of professional forestry often requires forest professionals to work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples. As the professional regulator of forest professionals, Forest Professionals BC is committed to building respect between Indigenous Peoples and the forestry profession.


FPBC award winners are nominated by their peers for their contributions to the forestry profession and FPBC.

Student Resources

Forest Professionals BC provides a list of links to resources offered by other organizations to help students learn more about forestry and explore careers in professional forestry.

News Centre

Read FPBC news releases on it activities and topics related to the practice of forestry in BC.