Competence Declaration

The purpose of the Competence Declaration is to evaluate professional competence, identify areas for improvement, and develop a professional development plan to address any learning needs identified.

In Bylaw 5, registrants must submit a competence declaration each year during registration renewal. The Competence Declaration is a self-assessment of the competence standard in professional practice, including registrants’ understanding and knowledge of Indigenous people and communities.

The Competence Declaration must also include your declared practice area(s), which you must select when renewing your registration online. You must also complete a Professional Development Plan.

Do not submit your Competence Declaration and Professional Development Plan to FPBC. Indicate they have been completed when renewing your registration online and retain them for your records.

Who Must Complete a Competence Declaration?

All practicing registrants, associate registrants, and transferring forest professionals must complete a competence declaration within one year of being granted registration and as part of their annual registration renewal.
The following registrants are exempt from completing a Competence Declaration:

  • Trainees (although trainees are encouraged to complete the declaration);
  • Retired registrants; and
  • Practicing registrants on Leave of Absence.

Note: Trainees (FIT, ASFIT, TFT, ASTFT) who were granted practicing registration status in the current year do not have to complete a Competence Declaration until registration renewal in the following year.

Competence Declarations are Required as Part of the Registration Renewal

You must indicate in your registration renewal that your Competence Declaration has been completed. If you have not indicated you have completed the Competence Declaration by November 30, you will be subject to an administrative fee.

Completing the Competence Declaration

Complete the Competence Declaration Form

You must complete a Competence Declaration, which has a series of statements designed to help you assess your practice and identify learning needs.

Complete a Professional Development Plan

Once you have completed the Competence Declaration Form, you must develop a Professional Development Plan to implement during the upcoming year.

Keep Copies on File

Keep a record of all Competence Declaration documents and Professional Development Plans. Do not send these documents to the FPBC. You may be asked to produce them if you have been chosen for a competence or professional conduct audit or practice review (Bylaw 11).


Regarding the Competence Declaration, contact:

The Guidelines for Interpretation of the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct also has helpful information to assist you in assessing your competence and completing the Competence Declaration.