Under Bylaw 11 and the Audit and Practice Review Committee Policy, a number of registrants are selected randomly each year for a competence audit or a professional conduct audit.

Competence Audit

The purpose of a competence audit is to assess registrants’ competence (skills, knowledge, and ability), including registrants’ understanding of ethical and professional standards, FPBC bylaws, guidance, and policy. These audits are typically conducted by a peer reviewer and verify general competence, continuous professional development activities, professional development plans, and competence declaration records.

Registrants may also voluntarily complete a competence audit anytime, by filling out the Competence Audit Form, and are encouraged to do so to ensure due diligence in maintaining professional competence.

A guide to help registrants and peer reviewers complete a competence audit can be found in the Competence Audit Guide.

Professional Conduct Audit

The purpose of a professional conduct audit is to assess a registrants’ performance in applying ethical and professional standards. These audits are performance-based and will be conducted by an assessor appointed by the audit and practice review committee to verify professional conduct in professional services and products completed.

Practice Review

Practice reviews may only be authorized by the Audit and Practice Review committee after a notification or referral from a peer reviewer, professional conduct auditor, registrar, or the Investigation Committee.
The purpose of a practice review is to assess and verify registrants’ professional practice performance in applying ethical and professional standards, including demonstrated use of FPBC bylaws, guidance, and policy within an identified scope of practice related to the scope and context provided in the notification or referral.


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