CPD Reporting Tool

Practicing RPF and RFT registrants must use the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Reporting Tool to record the CPD qualifying hours specified in Bylaw 10 (30 hours per CPD year).

The reporting tool records information entered by registrants for each learning activity completed during the year. You can export the information recorded in the CPD reporting tool by selecting either the .pdf or .excel icons.

Under the Professional Governance Act (PGA), and FPBC Bylaw 10, completing and reporting the required CPD qualifying hours by November 30 each year is only mandatory for practising RPF and RFT registrants.

Other registrant categories and subcategories of registrants are not required to complete or record CPD hours (e.g., retired, temporary (TFT, FIT), associate (NRP) registrants). However, trainees are encouraged to voluntarily use the reporting tool.


For questions regarding CPD, email cpdhelp@fpbc.ca.

CPD Reporting Tool

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