Competent for Ongoing Practice

Forest Professionals BC (FPBC) establishes and maintains both academic standards of entry and standards of conduct and practice, along with other requirements for ongoing qualification for the profession. Through bylaws and related policies, as well as curated continuing professional development opportunities, FPBC’s regulatory work ensures the ongoing competence of forest professionals in British Columbia.

Competence is maintained through an annual mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program and random audits of practising RPFs and RFTs to ensure forest professionals are maintaining the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide adequate professional practice and conduct in professional forestry.

Continuing Professional Development

Policy and procedures guide how the CPD program, outlined in FPBC Bylaw 10, is implemented. The purpose of the program is for registrants to grow, maintain, and demonstrate their level of competence across the span of their professional careers.

Registrants of FPBC are obligated to maintain standards of competence and professional conduct.

Registrant Competence

The Audit and Practice Review Committee policy describes and establishes requirements and criteria for competence and professional conduct audits and practice reviews of registrants.