Summer 2023

Cover Story

  • Listening to Lennard Joe, RPF, on Forestry | By Mike Hall

Special Feature

  • Forest Professionals British Columbia Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct


  • Wildfire Resilience: Ambitious Rethinking Needed | By Doug Donaldson, BSc, MJ


  • The Burning Question: Addressing Harvest Residue Management in BC | By Eric Nance, BSF; Dominik Roeser, PhD; Carly A. Phillips, PhD; Caren C. Dymond, PhD, P.Ag; and Werner A. Kurz, PhD
  • Considering the Impacts of Brush Management on Moose | By Roy V. Rea, PhD, RPBio and Olav Hjeljord, PhD
  • A Nature-Positive Roadmap for Forestry | By Steve Wilent

Professional Interest

  • A Summary of the 2022 Competence and Professional Conduct Audits of Forest Professionals in BC | By Paul Nuttall, RPF
  • Forest Professionals BC and ASTTBC Sign Joint Statement of Understanding | By Dean Pelkey


  • President’s Report | Continuing Professional Development Beyond the Classroom | By Jamie Jeffreys, RPF
  • CEO’s Report | The Evolution of Culture and Practice | By Christine Gelowitz, RPF
  • The Watchdog’s View | Forest Practices Board – A New Plan for a Shifting Landscape | By Keith Atkinson, RPF