Spring 2023

Cover Story

  • Reflections on My Working Vacation in Spain | By Ken Day, MF, RPF


  • Keys to Improving Forest Recovery Post-Wildfire: The Critical Roles of Proper Planning, Implementation, and First Nations’ Collaboration | By Peter Flett, RPF
  • Climate Change Adaptation: Let’s Make it Real | By Erik Leslie, RPF
  • Underplanting as a Reforestation Strategy | By Leith McKenzie, RPF; Tim O’Rourke, RPF; and Mike Madill, RPF

Professional Interest

  • Community of Practice: Wildfire | By Mike Larock, RPF
  • Forest Professionals British Columbia 75th Forestry Conference and AGM: A Photo Round-up
  • First Year of Mandatory Continuing Professional Development a Success | By Troy Lee, BSc, MA


  • President’s Report | Rising to Today’s Challenges Requires Good Leadership and Peer Support | By Jamie Jeffreys, RPF
  • CEO’s Report | Answers to Your AGM Questions | By Christine Gelowitz, RPF
  • The Legal Perspective | Bill 22 Revisited: The Risks of a Change of Control | By Jeff Waatainen, LLB
  • Under the Microscope | The Future of Sustainable Forestry By Rahul Singh, PhD and A.G. Klei