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Leaving professional practice is a major milestone in the career of forest professionals. The occasion is an important personal action, and also a professional undertaking that requires planning, the profession’s processes, and an understanding of what comes next. Professionals are meant to leave the privilege of professional service in a similar way to which they entered it – with public affirmation and commitment.

Leaving Professional Practice — The Retired Registrant is a webinar from Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC).


  • Mike Larock, RPF, former FPBC director of practice
  • Casey Macaulay, MA, RPF, FPBC registrar.

Larock develops and communicates professional standards, competence standards, and provides FPBC responses on professional practice matters. Before joining FPBC, Larock served on the organization’s board first as an elected member, then as chair in 2001.
Larock has practised professional forestry as a silvicuturalist and is a woodlot licensee and private forest landowner.

Macaulay oversees programs for admission of new registrants and also manages the complaints and discipline process, including enforcement of FPBC’s bylaws under the Professional Governance Act (PGA).  Macaulay worked in the private forestry sector for 15 years prior to joining FPBC. His experience also includes co-managing forest tenures with Aboriginal communities, forest operations planning, and stakeholder engagement.