The eRCA Fundamentals course, presented by Sologic, allows participants to gain familiarity and confidence with the Sologic RCA (Root Cause Analysis) method in a three-hour, self-paced course.

It’s an efficient, easy way for people who will participate in analyses and investigations to build root cause analysis capabilities. Students can access the training anytime, at any location with Internet access. Students learn the terms, processes and basic concepts that facilitators will use in RCA investigations. This course is also appropriate for practitioners who would like to refresh their training and revisit core Sologic concepts.

View an eRCA Fundamentals demonstration video for more information on this course.

About the Sologic Root Cause Analysis Method

The Sologic method uses cause and effect analysis to unlock the door on problems and prevent them from recurring. It’s scalable, universal, intuitive, and built on the principles that significant events occur for logical and predictable reasons, and that there are multiple causes for every effect. Sologic helps find effective, realistic solutions that deliver a strong return on your investment. The Sologic method is also designed to minimize personal bias and maximize solution-oriented thinking. Instead of creating a divisive environment, the Sologic process will actually unite your team around a common purpose, process and language to implement effective solutions.

Also Available: Causelink RCA Software

Equip your team members to more effectively solve problems by purchasing the eRCA FundamentalsTM course and Causelink bundle. Once they’ve completed the e-learning course, you will be able to use the powerful software tool, Causelink, to analyze and prevent problems, and share results.

View a Causelink demonstration video for more information on this software.

Fees & Registration

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  • Shelley Desautels, BA, Adv. Dip. GIS;
  • Tammi Mills, B.Sc.