Forest Enhancement Society of BC
February 1, 2024
Job Type
Application Deadline
British Columbia


Career Opportunity:
Operations Manager,
Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC)

The Candidate
You are an experienced natural resource management professional with a flair for working with others. Your operational background includes managing forest management activities at a program level (harvesting, silviculture, planning, wildfire or the like). You also have expert
knowledge in one or more areas of wildfire planning, silviculture, terrestrial wildlife habitat,
forest fibre utilization, or forest carbon. You are passionate about enhancing forests to achieve environmental, economic and social benefits.

The Context
The Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) is a semi-autonomous agency of the BC
government. The purposes of the Society are:

(a) to advance environmental and resource stewardship of British Columbia’s forests by:

(i) preventing and mitigating the impact of wildfires;
(ii) improving damaged or low value forests;
(iii) improving habitat for wildlife;
(iv) supporting the use of fibre from damaged and low value forests; and
(v) treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases; and

(b) to advocate for the environmental and resource stewardship of British Columbia’s

FESBC is seeking an Operations Manager who will assist the Society deliver cost-effective and impactful programs to improve BC communities’ resilience to wildfire, forest conditions, wildlife habitat, fibre utilization, and management of forest carbon.

The Responsibilities
Reporting to the Executive Director (ED) or designate, the Operations Manager is responsible

• Program Operations and Delivery.
• Government and Stakeholder Relations.
• Annual Operating Plans.
• Contract and Financial Management; and
• Assisting with Media Communications.

Annual Salary

• $86,200.00 to $122,100.00

The Qualifications and Experience Required
The ideal candidate for this position will likely have experience inside and outside government and a proven track record of delivering cost-effective and efficient operational programs in a natural resource setting.

The successful candidate must have:

• a degree or diploma in natural resource management or related studies, registered member the Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC) and a minimum of seven years of experience in resource management or an equivalent combination,
• experience developing annual operating plans, operational procedures and practices,
• experience in a program management capacity,
• experience leading and coaching diverse teams,
• experience in contract and financial management,
• demonstrated experience in stakeholder engagement and relationship building across many sectors, including provincial government agencies, local governments, First Nations, industry and non-governmental organizations, and at minimum a valid Class 5 BC Drivers Licence. Preference may be given to candidates with:
• expert knowledge in one or more areas of wildfire planning, silviculture, terrestrial wildlife habitat, forest fibre utilization, forest carbon, and/or
• experience in communications and media relations.

The Terms of Employment
Compensation for this position will be competitive with BC public sector salary levels. For interested BC provincial government employees, a secondment opportunity may be considered.

Regular travel within BC to meet with government agencies and stakeholders will be expected.

Successful candidate may work from home anywhere in British Columbia, but the successful candidate will be required to work as needed at FESBC office in Kamloops. Preference may be given to candidates within three hours driving time of Kamloops, BC.

The Application Process
You will email a detailed resume to the FESBC Office at: accompanied by a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and highlighting your suitability.

Applications are welcome until the position is filled; however, applications reviews will commence the week of February 19, 2024. Interviews planned for late February or early March. Only those applicants invited for interviews will receive notification from the hiring panel.

Reporting to the Executive Director (ED) or their designate, the Operations Manager (Ops
Manager) contributes to the strategic vision, planning and provides operational leadership that will help ensure that the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC), a public sector not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies Act, achieves its objectives in a way that is cost effective and provides measurable benefits to British Columbia’s forests for the benefit of all British Columbians.

The Ops Manager has a wide range of responsibilities and accountabilities that contribute to
the overall achievement of the FESBC objectives. The Ops Manager ensures efficient and
effective operations for FESBC and interacts with external stakeholders, particularly from the
Ministry of Forests (FOR) and third-party delivery agents. Utilizing strategic and technical skills, the Ops Manager has responsibility for providing operational leadership through performance-based management principles.

This position requires a high level of understanding of and sensitivity to environmental, forest
industry, First Nations and public policy issues relating to forest practices in BC. The Ops
Manager ensures operations meet sound forest practice standards and builds productive
relationships to the benefit of the FESBC.

Providing vision, energy, and commitment to FESBC, the Ops Manager will help grow FESBC’s resources to advance the environmental and resource stewardship of British Columbia’s forests.

To the Executive Director (ED) and the FESBC Board of Directors:
The Ops Manager is responsible for ensuring that the ED and the Board of Directors have all the information necessary to properly exercise their responsibilities. He, she or they report to the ED on a timely basis relating relevant information regarding FESBC operations, and develops and presents alternatives, and recommends courses of action for ED consideration.

Operational and Strategic Planning
The Ops Manager is the key link with the operational partners and third-party delivery agents in getting project activities carried out on the ground. The Ops Manager will provide guidance on; project priority setting, the development of quality project submissions and ensure a smooth funding delivery and tracking mechanism is in-place.

Working together with colleagues in the FESBC organization, the Ops Manager is responsible for inputting into the ‘rolling’ FESBC Annual Operating Plan and recommending its approval to the ED and Board of Directors. The Ops Manager may assist the ED in developing the FESBC Strategic Plan that will identify issues that must be addressed to realize the FESBC future vision, and set short, medium, and long-term objectives and strategies. The Ops Manager will assist in the preparation of the FESBC Business Plan, and annual operating and capital expenditure budgets for the ED to submit to the Board of Directors for approval.

Community and Stakeholder Relations
The Ops Manager is responsible for supporting the ED in establishing and maintaining positive and productive relationships with First Nations, funding applicants, industry representatives, FOR, other provincial government agencies, and local governments. In this capacity, the Ops Manager promotes collaborative cooperation towards advancing the objectives of FESBC. The Ops Manager is expected to exercise judgment on when to elevate issues to the ED and/or exercise influence and persuasion in the face of divergent objectives and may be called upon to manage the implications of decisions.

Corporate Responsibilities
The Ops Manager executes his, her or their authority and delegated responsibilities and works to meet their annual performance plan goals. The Ops Manager ensures adherence to
operating policies, systems and practices that meet government-wide standards for FESBC to
achieve its objectives while maintaining accountability to the taxpayers of BC. This includes
responsibility to ensure legal and contractual reporting responsibilities are met and providing
related information and data as required.

Financial Management
The Ops Manager contributes to the development of the annual budget in support of the FESBC Strategic and Annual Operating Plans that is prepared by the ED for recommendation to the Board of Directors. Under the guidance of the ED, the Ops Manager ensures the efficient utilization of financial resources within established fiscal policies of FESBC, making appropriate, defendable, and timely financial and management decisions.

Project Funding
The Ops Manager will identify additional sources of funding for projects and programs that will advance the objectives of FESBC as they may arise. The Ops Manager will look for ways to
leverage existing dollars to achieve additional results on the land-base.

The Ops Manager identifies opportunities and proposes new methods for improving existing
operations with a focus on delivering cost effective projects that advance the objectives of

Business and Economic Environment
The Ops Manager keeps abreast of the environmental, business, and economic climate in which FESBC, and its stakeholders and the province operate. The Ops Manager supports the ED and the Board of Directors in meeting the challenges presented by new trends and developments.

The Ops Manager ensures the effective communication of FESBC strategies, objectives, and
results to create a positive profile for FESBC. The Ops Manager develops and maintains positive and productive relationships with stakeholders and assists the ED in the preparation of the FESBC annual reporting and media communications.

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