Dunster Community Forest Society
February 12, 2024
8252 Dunster-Croydon Road, Dunster
Job Type
Application Deadline
March 31, 2024
British Columbia


The Dunster Community Forest is seeking a new General Manager to start in April, 2024.

This is a part-time contract with the Manager overseeing the operations of both its Community Forest License and its subsidiary wood products manufacturing company, BRKH Custom Woodworks, Ltd (located in McBride, BC).  The Manager is expected to provide their own equipment for field duties.

The overall mission of the DCF is to provide local management of the local forestry resources for the Dunster community, and to utilize those resources for the benefit of the community. The AAC consists of approximately 8,000 m3 of mixed coniferous timber plus 2,000 m3 of deciduous timber, with selected timber from the cut being processed by BRKH.

The ideal candidate will have an RPF or RFT certification, be physically fit and able to conduct field work as well as be proficient in computer and office responsibilities. A knowledge of BC Provincial Forestry regulations is expected, and competence in administration and data management is a definite requirement. The General Manager will be expected to operate in accordance with the Policies and Bylaws of the Dunster Community Forest Society. Familiarity with wood products manufacturing and general business planning is a plus, as is a knowledge of community development practices.

Applications can be sent via email to, or

mailed to Box 100, Dunster, BC  V0J 1J0.

We will consider applications from candidates that don’t have all the qualifications, but a professional certification and administrative abilities are a must.  Remuneration will be competitive but dependent on qualifications.

General Management, Business and Administrative Services

The General Manager shall:

a) Exercise general responsibility for all forestry-related matters as they pertain to the License;

b) Liaise and communicate with government agencies as required to fulfil the requirements of the License and this Agreement;

c) Report to the DCFS Board of Directors monthly as per the DCFS Policy Manual, Sec. 5.7.2

d) Attend DCFS membership meetings including Annual General Meetings and other meetings as may be called by the Board;

e) Prepare forestry budgets and financial analyses including cash-flow and revenue/expense forecasts for DCFS Board review and approval, as per the DCFS Policy Manual, Sec. 5.7;

f) Arrange and manage all third party contracts associated with forestry planning and operations;

g) Ensure that all contractors and sub-contractors engaged by the General Manager are compliant with WorkSafe BC requirements;

h) Review and, if found acceptable, approve all third party invoices;

i) Maintain DCFS administrative and forestry files within the DCFS office;

j) Supervise the management and operations of BRKH

k) Coordinate with the BRKH Production Manager to ensure a timely provision of raw material for BRKH operations.

Forest Management Services

The General Manager shall:

Statutory compliance

a) Carry out and/or supervise forest management planning and operations as required to ensure DCFS’s compliance with the Forest Act and Regulations, the Forest and Range Practices Act and Regulations, and the Wildfire Act and Regulations. Forest planning documents and permits

b) Prepare all DCFS forest management and forest planning documents and operational plans, including Management Plans, Forest Stewardship Plans, Site Plans, and amendments to these plans;

c) Prepare and submit on DCFS’s behalf cutting permit and road permit applications as per the approved workplan and/or DCFS Board direction.

Inventory, reconnaissance, assessments, and layout

d) Carry out inventory, mapping, and surveys in the License area;

e) Carry out reconnaissance of potential harvest areas and adjacent areas;

f) Co-ordinate pre-harvest and post-harvest assessments (e.g. terrain, hydrological, forest health, wildlife assessments, waste assessments, silvicultural assessments), including hiring professionals and/or specialists as required

g) Carry out layout, traversing, cruising, and mapping of planned harvest blocks and roads

Supervision of operations

h) Supervise all forest operations, including logging, log hauling, road building/ road maintenance activities, and silviculture;

Contract administration

i) Administer forestry-related contracts such as road building and logging contracts, silviculture contracts, and professional/ specialist assessments;

j) Negotiate and sign log sale contracts on behalf of DCFS;


k) Prepare and submit reports to the Ministry of Forests as required to fulfil DCFS’s legal obligations;

Liaison and representation

l) Liaise with DCFS community stakeholders, water users and First Nations, on all forestry-related matters, and organize and participate in public meetings, open houses, and field tours;

m) Liaise with BC Ministry staff regarding DCFS forest planning and operations;

n) Liaise with the British Columbia Community Forest Association;

o) Liaise with other forestry licensees in the Robson Valley;

p) As regards all of the liaison activities listed above, subject to direction from the DCFS Board, represent DCFS’s interests and positions as they pertain to matters discussed herein;


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