Silviculture Accredited Surveyor

Silviculture Accredited Surveyor (SAS) is a technical occupation under the FPBC associate registrant category. Silviculture surveyors are accredited through the BC Ministry of Forests and must be registered with FPBC in order to practise.

What is a Silviculture Accredited Surveyor?

A SAS makes use of silviculture plans and prescriptions and other information to conduct or confirm the stratification of a survey unit, ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of data collection and mapping, confirm and identify additional critical site factors that may influence the attainment of management objectives set out in plans, and make preliminary recommendations for future treatment (The Silviculture Survey Accreditation Process, Forest Practices Branch).

SAS Limitation on Practice: (a) Planning, advising, engaging in and reporting on the measurement of forests for the specific use of silviculture surveys; (b) Examining and verifying measurements for the specific use of silviculture surveys.

Eligibility Requirements

A SAS must be accredited through the Silviculture Survey Accreditation Process from the BC Ministry of Forests before becoming a FPBC associate registrant.

Apply for Registration

Become accredited through the BC Forest Ministry’s Silviculture Survey Accreditation Process.

Complete the SAS Application Package, including the Ethics Exam (contained within the application package). Submit the completed package along with the required fees to the FPBC practice department.

Existing FPBC registrants and special permit holders do not have to complete the Ethics Exam.

We will review your application package for completeness and correctness and mark your Ethics Exam (if you were required to write one). You will be contacted if your application is incomplete or if an Ethics Exam re-write is necessary.

Note: Your application will be placed on hold until you pass the Ethics Exam.

Once these requirements are met, the Forest Measurements Panel (FMP) will review your application package and make the final determination if you can be accepted as a SAS.

Once your application is accepted by the FMP, your name will be forwarded to FPBC Board for review/approval of the SAS designation. This process may take four to six weeks.

We will send you a direct email once the board has completed its review/approval.

Once accepted into FPBC as a SAS, you will have similar rights and obligations as other registrants. You must conform to the requirements outlined in the Professional Governance Act (PGA), resolutions of the board, bylaws, and policies and procedures published by the board from time to time.


Refer to the Forest Measurements Panel (FMP) Policies or contact the professional practice department.