Accredited Timber Evaluator

Accredited Timber Evaluator (ATE) is a technical occupation regulated by Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC). ATE is a reserved title under the Forest Professionals Regulation of the Professional Governance Act. Only those who are registered with FPBC and who meet the ATE certification requirements set by FPBC are authorized to use this title.

What are ATEs?

Like an Accredited Timber Cruiser (ATC), ATEs are Timber Cruisers whose job is to provide the best estimate of volume, quality, species composition, and value of the timber resource. At this level, an ATE is able to organize and conduct an entire timber cruise and is responsible for training, supervising, and auditing subordinates. An ATE practices aspects of professional forestry as stated in the limitation on practice as directed by FPBC.

Who Can Apply for ATE Certification?

  • Any current practising FPBC registrant, natural resource professional, or forest technician.

  • Non-FPBC registrants.

This route of entry is a voluntary registration designed to allow individuals who are certified to engage in aspects of the practice of professional forestry to the extent consistent with their education, training, and experience.

Requirements for Certification as an ATE

  • At least five years of combined office and field experience involving equipment knowledge, field procedures, field sampling, and measurements as well as other demonstrated competencies such as organizing, training, quality assurance, and reporting of results.

  • Ability to function as a lead cruiser without supervision.

  • Ability to pass a formal check cruise.

  • Completion of the Timber Cruiser’s Log endorsed by a practising FPBC registrant.

  • Submission of two confidential work experience reports completed by two separate practising FPBC registrants who have direct knowledge of your work experience as a supervisor or colleague.

  • Indictable offence declaration.

  • Successful completion of FPBC’s Professional Regulation and Ethics online learning modules (non-FPBC registrants only).

  • Payment of all fees related to the application including examination fees. Non-FPBC registrants will also be required to pay a registration fee.

  • Successful completion of ATE technical exam.

  • Read the Introduction to Timber Cruising to learn more about the role of Accredited Timber Evaluators and the requirements for certification.

How to apply for ATE certification

Step 1: Assemble documents for your ATE application

  • Complete the Timber Cruiser’s Log to submit as part of your application. A minimum of 36 months of endorsed cruising experience is required to be documented in the log.

  • Prepare a current resume detailing your education and relevant work experience related to forestry and/or timber cruising.

  • Arrange for two confidential work experience reports as proof of your competence and qualifications for ATE certification. Reports must be completed by practising FPBC registrants (RPFs or RFTs) who have worked with you as a supervisor or colleague for the time period specified in the work history detail you provide and have direct knowledge of your work experience.

  • Send the confidential work experience forms to your selected two references. They must complete and sign the form then email it directly to the FPBC registration department at (Confidential work experience forms sent to FPBC by the applicant will not be accepted.)

  • Once you have all your documents ready, you can start your ATE application.

  • Note: If you are not an existing FPBC registrant, you must complete the FPBC’s online learning modules on Professional Regulation and Ethics. You will be able to access the learning module in the FPBC’s learning management system (LMS) once your application fee has been processed.

Step 2: Complete the ATE application online

  • Access and complete the online ATE application form.

  • Note: if you are an existing FPBC registrant, you will need to log in to your FPBC account to access the form. If you are not an FPBC registrant, you will need to create an FPBC account to access the form.

  • Upload your completed timber cruiser log into the application.

  • Complete the indictable offense declaration included in the online application.

  • Pay the application fee and technical examination fee.

Step 3: Complete the Online Professional Regulation and Ethics learning modules

  • You must complete all content and activities in the learning modules. Once you fulfill all of the learning module requirements, the information is kept in the LMS as part of your FPBC record.

Step 4: FPBC reviews your application

  • The FPBC registration team confirms your application is complete, confidential references are received, and the online Professional Regulation and Ethics module is fulfilled.

  • FPBC’s forest measurements panel (FMP) reviews application & approves access to the ATE technical exam.

Step 5: Pass ATE technical examination

  • Pass technical exam arranged and invigilated by FPBC.

  • Technical exam must be taken within six months of Forests Measurements Panel approval.

  • Technical exam pass score is 70 per cent.

Step 6: ATE certification granted

  • Pay ATE registration fee (non-registrant only).

  • FPBC confirms all requirements for ATE are met.

  • Registrar grants certification and registration (for non-registrant only).

Begin Your Application

About the Timber Cruiser’s Log

The Timber Cruiser’s Log is a record of the training experience and knowledge that a cruiser must attain to be formally recognized as an ATC or ATE. The log allows you to demonstrate your competencies to the Forest Measurements Panel (FMP) and your employer(s). The log contains a cruiser diary as a useful tool to help you record all types of cruising experience.
Certification as an ATE requires completion of each level of the Timber Cruiser’s Log.

How ATE Applications Are Assessed

Applications for certification as an ATE are reviewed by FPBC’s Forest Measurements Panel (FMP) to determine if you have the appropriate experience. If you do not have enough experience, the FMP will inform you about what additional experience is required before you can reapply.

If the FMP approves the application, it will arrange for you to take the appropriate Timber Cruising Technical Exam. The required passing mark for the technical exam is 70 per cent. If you fail the exam, you have three months to retake it.

If your application is not approved, the FMP will inform you of the reason(s) and how you can proceed with a re-application.

Other Resources


Application and technical examination fees must be paid before your application will be reviewed.

If you are not a current FPBC registrant, the registration fee must be paid before the ATE certification and FPBC registration are granted. All FPBC registrations expire on November 30 and must be renewed annually.

Check the FPBC fee schedule for current ATE application fees.


Use the Timber Cruiser/Evaluator Application for Reclassification to apply for a change from one timber cruising classification to another.

For example:

  • Accredited Timber Cruiser (ATC) to Accredited Timber Evaluator (ATE);
  • ATC (Coast) or ATC (Interior) to ATC (Provincial);
  • Accredited Timber Cruiser / Evaluator Technical Exam.


Contact the registration department if you have any questions about the application process.