Six Education Modules

Trainees are required to complete six education modules, including exams and application modules through the FPBC online Learning Management system (LMS).

The education modules introduce concepts and topics based on six experience areas critical for BC forest professionals to understand. These are completed independently and at your own pace.

Exams test your understanding of the concepts and topics introduced in the preceding education module.

Applications are assignments and professional document submissions that are built by applying your understanding of the six experience areas on which the education modules are based:

1. Professional Regulation and Ethics

1a. Regulatory Framework – Foundation
1b. Regulatory Framework – Exam 1
1c. Regulatory Framework – Application
1d. Regulatory Framework – Exam 2

2. Forest Stewardship and Professional Discretion

2a. Professional Reliance – Introduction
2b. Professional Reliance – Advanced
2c. Professional Reliance – Application

3. BC Forest Professionals Working with Indigenous Communities

4. Forest Legislation and Policy

4a. Forest Legislation and Policy
4b. Forest Legislation and Policy – Exam
4c. Other Legislation and Policy
4d. Other Legislation and Policy – Exam
4e. Forest Legislation and Policy – Application

5. The Business of Forestry

6. Communicating Professional Advice

6a. Communicating Professional Advice
6b. Communicating Professional Advice – Application
6c. Conflict Management

Orientation Module

If you’d like to learn more about the registration process you can review the Orientation Module.


Contact the registration department at if you have any outstanding questions about the six experience areas or the education modules.