ASTFT Core Competency Requirements

Allied Science Trainee Forest Technologists (ASTFTs) meet this requirement by satisfying the entry-level competency set in the FPBC Registered Forest Technologist Competency Standards for the practice of professional forestry in BC.

The competency standards are the minimum common requirements to ensure ASTFTs are competent in all forestry practice areas at entry-level, regardless of what professional forestry job they take on and practice as an RFT.

As an ASTFT, the onus is on you to provide evidence that you meet the core competency requirement. To determine how you meet this requirement, you must first complete the credential assessment process (CAP) administered by the FPBC registration department.

Prepare Your CAP Portfolio

  • Watch the credential assessment video for a general overview of the process.

  • Read Credential Assessment Applicants Manual for detailed information on preparing your portfolio.

  • Described below are the two types of assessments available. Review them and then contact the FPBC registration department to confirm the appropriate assessment type and the forms and documents that you are required to submit.

    • Limited Competency Assessment – a limited competency assessment is only available for graduates of a post-secondary technology or technician diploma program previously reviewed by FPBC. Proceed to the Limited CAP page to see if you completed an eligible program. You may see your program’s name on the list of limited assessments. However, if you did not graduate within the year(s) listed, you must complete the full assessment.
    • Full Competency Assessment – a full competency assessment is required for graduates of a program not reviewed by FPBC. You must prepare and submit a comprehensive credentials assessment portfolio.
  • Preliminary review – once you have started building your portfolio in the RFT CAP SharePoint, send an e-mail to the FPBC registration department so we can periodically review your file and confirm if you are building your portfolio correctly. The preliminary review process leading to the final acceptance of an application might take weeks, depending on the number of CAP submissions received.
  • Once your application is complete, you will be required to pay your application fee before the assessment can proceed.

CAP Assessment Report

The CAP assessment report details the findings at the standard, demonstrable competency, and performance indicator levels. The report may provide additional information to indicate, more specifically, where an applicant’s competency is weak or deficient. Along with the report, the FPBC registration department will provide the applicant with a summary and information about the next steps in the process.

Once you receive your CAP assessment report, you are required to proceed to the next steps in the ASTFT CAP Process.

If all of the competency requirements have been met, you can continue completing your ASTFT program requirements. If not all of the competency requirements have been met, your report should contain the recommendation from the Credentials Committee-RFT Competency Working Group.

Complete Outstanding Competencies

The Credentials Committee–RFT Competency Working Group recommendation includes a list of actions to address any remaining competency gap or deficiency. You will need to work with your sponsor and mentors to help you develop a competency gap-filling plan.


FPBC accepts CAP applications year-round. Assessment starts within a week from receipt of a complete CAP application portfolio. The CAP assessment result is available approximately eight to 10 weeks from receipt of a complete application.