Requirements to be a Forest Professional

There are three main requirements to achieve practising Registered Professional Forester (RPF) or practising Registered Forest Technologist (RFT) status with FPBC. By completing the FPBC education and articling program, you will have completed these requirements and be eligible for practising registration under the relevant designation.

  • The Forester in Training (FIT) program leads to practising RPF status.
  • The Trainee Forest Technologist (TFT) program leads to practising RFT status.

The following requirements are completed in the order laid out in the Roadmap to Practising Registration during the trainee enrolment period.

Core Competency

Core competency standards are the minimum competencies needed to practice as an RPF or RFT in BC. Trainees who have completed FPBC-recognized forestry degree or diploma programs have met the core competency requirements for practising registration (Bylaw 7-5(4); 7-7(4)). Those who have not met these requirements must complete the core competency requirements within their enrolment periods as an allied science trainee.

This infographic shows the pathways to registration with FPBC as a practising forest professional based on whether you graduated from an accredited or non-accredited program.

Practice Diary

All trainees must maintain a practice diary, a written record that documents your work and professional development.

Six Education Modules

Trainees are required to complete six education modules.

Articling Requirements with a Sponsor

Trainees meet this requirement by completing 24 months of qualifying work experience.

ASFIT Core Competency Requirements

An Allied Science Forester-in-Training (ASFIT) meets this requirement by satisfying the entry-level competency for the practice of professional forestry in Canada.

ASTFT Core Competency Requirements

Allied Science Trainee Forest Technologists (ASTFTs) must satisfying the entry-level competency set in the FPBC Registered Forest Technologist Competency Standards for the practice of professional forestry in BC.