How to Apply to the FIT Program

The Forester in Training (FIT) program is for individuals who have completed a Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board (CFAB) accredited degree program within the past 10 years*. Completing the requirements for the FIT program leads to the practising Registered Professional Forester (RPF) designation.

*Graduates of CFAB accredited degrees that were conferred 10 or more years ago are subject to a currency review. Applicants in this circumstance will be required to provide detailed information on what they have been doing since graduation to remain current with the RPF core competency standards. A more detailed review of an applicant’s credentials may result in enrolment into the Allied Science Forester in Training program.

Complete the following steps to apply for the FIT program:

  • confirm your eligibility to apply for registration;
  • prepare your application;
  • apply online.

Confirm your Eligibility

You must have FPBC confirm you meet the eligibility requirements before applying for registration. This is done through the FPBC Eligibility Screening Process

Prepare Your Application

You will be required to submit the following as a part of your application for registration:

Official Transcripts

You must provide official transcripts for all post-secondary education programs you have completed. Request that official transcripts be sent to FPBC. If your credential has not yet been conferred, as a temporary measure, we are able to accept a letter from the academic institution you have attended, verifying that you have completed all requirements of your education program.

Transcripts should be mailed to:

Registration Department
Forest Professionals BC
602 – 1281 W. Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 3J7


You must upload a current resume that outlines all relevant education and work experience you have completed to date. If you do not have a resume, you can use our example resume for guidance.

Sponsor and Articling Agreement

You must identify an individual who is willing and authorized to sponsor you during your time as a trainee. Practising RPFs are authorized to sponsor trainees enrolled in the FIT, TFT, ASFIT, and ASTFT programs. Practising RFTs are authorized to sponsor people enrolled in the TFT and ASTFT programs.


There are two fees that you must submit as apart of your application for registration:

  • enrolment fee;
  • pre-payment of annual registration dues.

Apply Online

Once you have collected all your documents, you can submit an application for admission.