Registered Forest Technologist

To practice professional forestry in BC, as defined by the Forest Professionals Regulation under the Professional Governance Act (PGA), you must be registered with FPBC.

Registered Forest Technologists (RFTs), along with other professional members of the forestry team, are responsible for looking after the forests of BC.

  • The functions and responsibilities of an RFT are more operational and specialized to on-the-ground fieldwork.
  • RFTs perform technical forestry functions in four practice areas: silviculture, forest protection, forest operations, and forest measurements.
  • RFTs are employed in a wide variety of positions, with an emphasis on the stand level, forest practices, practical skills, and operating within established guidelines.

To be a RFT requires a diploma in forestry or a diploma in natural resource management,

Process to Become an RFT

Determine if you are eligible to apply for one of our Trainee Forest Technologist (TFT) programs to become a Registered Forest Technologist (RFT).

How to Apply to the TFT Program

For individuals who have completed FPBC recognized forestry diploma programs.

How to Apply to the ASTFT Program

For individuals who have completed technology diplomas from an unrecognized/non-accredited diploma program or a foreign program in forestry or an allied discipline.