Fees for Registration

Fees for 2024

We charge the following registration and other administrative fees for the current fiscal year, December 1, 2023 to November 30, 2024.

New Applicants: If you are applying after March 1, refer to the list of Abated Annual Registration Fees. Registration fees are reduced or abated for applications received after this date.

Note: Because FPBC’s fiscal year runs from December 1 to November 30, if your application is approved in September, October, or November, you should be aware that you will receive a registrant renewal notice for the following year’s fees shortly after receiving your welcome letter.

Annual Registration Fees

Application/Enrolment Fees

Examination Fees

Credential (competency) Assessment Process (CAP) Fees

Certificate/Permit Fees

Reinstatement Fees

Financial Administration Fees

Abated Annual Registration Fees