Check Your Eligibility

Prior to applying for registration as a trainee with FPBC, you must ensure you are eligible for registration by completing an eligibility assessment that assesses your academic background and work experience.

The eligibility assessment requires a $50 non-refundable payment.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you have 12 months to submit an application for registration as a trainee. If you do not apply within 12 months, you will be required to re-submit your eligibility, pay a new assessment fee, and have your credentials re-evaluated.

Provincial legislation requires anyone practising professional forestry in BC to be registered with and regulated by FPBC. This protects the public interest by ensuring registered forest professionals meet specific educational and professional standards and can be held accountable for their work and conduct.

Use this process if you:

  • require written verification that you are eligible to apply for registration with FPBC; or

  • want to submit an application for registration with FPBC;

How to Complete this Assessment

You must complete the Forest Professional Regulators of Canada pre-assessment tool. The pre-screening tool (scroll to section titled “Internationally Trained Individuals & Graduates of Non-Accredited Programs”) asks a series of questions about your education and forestry-related work experience.

Based on the information you provide, a synopsis of how your competencies will likely be evaluated is provided. You must save and upload this information as a component of your assessment. This synopsis is not the completed assessment of your eligibility to apply for registration with FPBC.


You must provide a current resume that outlines all relevant work and education you have completed to date. If you don’t have a resume, use our work history form for guidance.

Education Information

If you have completed post-secondary education in Canada, you must provide scanned copies of transcripts from every relevant post-secondary institution you have attended. If your education was completed outside of Canada, you must undergo an Education Credential Assessment of your completed academic programs by a third-party agency, such as World Education Services, International Credentials Evaluation Service (ICES), or International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS), and have them mail FPBC their findings. The Education Credential Assessment must be a course-by-course assessment.

Course Evaluation and Summary Form

If you have completed an unaccredited or international education program, you must complete the appropriate Course Evaluation and Summary Form. If you have completed an unaccredited or international degree program, complete the ASFIT Degree Course Evaluation and Summary Form. If you have completed an unaccredited or international diploma program, complete ASTFT Diploma Course Evaluation & Summary Form.

Submit your Assessment Online

Once you have collected all your documents, submit your eligibility assessment online.

Assessment Determination Process

Eligibility assessments are reviewed regularly. Once you have created an FPBC account, you can sign into it to check the status of your assessment.

Eligibility determinations are valid for 12 months. If you haven’t applied for FPBC registration within 12 months, you must have your eligibility re-assessed. If you have not received a response in two weeks, after you have provided all your required documents, contact

To begin the eligibility screening, you will first need to create an FPBC account in our registrant portal. Click the button to access the portal and create an account.