Affiliated Forest Professional-Limited Licence

Affiliated Forest Professional-Limited Licence (AFP-LL) is available for individuals who work in forestry related fields who are at risk of infringing upon reserved practice of professional forestry. Limited licences (LL) permit registered forest technologists and subclasses of associate registrant to practise in specific aspects of reserved professional forestry practice. The credentials committee policy (limited licence issuance) specifies requirements for granting limited licences.


In addition to the application for admission requirements outlined in FPBC Bylaw 5.2, AFP candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • professional work experience directly related to the narrow area of reserve practice for which the AFP is requested;

  • successful completion of a natural resource or forestry related degree program or natural resources forestry-related diploma program;

  • significant professional work experience directly related to the narrow area of reserve practice for which the AFP is requested; or

  • current, practising registration or equivalent, in good standing, with a profession regulated under the PGA (e.g., Professional Engineer (P.Eng), Registered Professional Biologist (R.P.Bio), Professional Agrologist (P.Ag).

As proof of qualifications, candidates must submit:

  • official transcripts sent directly from the post-secondary institution to FPBC (Note: If you completed your education outside of Canada, you may be required to submit an official educational credential assessment (ECA) report as a component of your application. FPBC will advise if an ECA is required);

  • a detailed curriculum vitae;

  • a complete limited licence application package;

Scope or Limitations

The AFP designation permits such registrants to perform activities in the regulated practice of professional forestry and specific activities within the reserved practice of professional forestry as authorized by FPBC.

Use of Title

Individuals granted Affiliated Forest Professional–Limited Licence registration may use the abbreviated title AFP-LL.

Registration Fees

AFP-LL applications require a one-time fee in addition to a separate limited licence application fee. See our FPBC Registration Fees (all fees are subject to change at the FPBC Board’s discretion).

The AFP-LL application fee covers administration costs and access to the FPBC’s learning management system. AFPs must complete some online experience area modules that orient registrants to FPBC regulations and obligations. Requirements must be completed within the first year of registration, and each module takes a few hours to complete at your own pace.

Note: FPBC will provide instructions for online fee payment once your application is approved. You will also be provided with an FPBC registrant profile in our registrant management system (RMS).

Experience Area Modules

AFP-LL registrants must complete the following online experience area learning modules within 12 months of the initial registration being granted:

  • 1 — Regulation and Ethics

  • 2a — Forest Stewardship and Professional Discretion Introduction;

  • 2b — Forest Stewardship and Professional Discretion Advanced;

  • 3 — BC Professionals Working with Indigenous Communities

  • 4 — Forest Legislation and Policy;

  • 5 — The Business of Forestry

  • 6a — Communicating Professional Advice

  • 6c — Introduction to Conflict Management

AFP Limited Licencees who are also current registrants with another regulatory body under the PGA must only complete online experience area Module 5 – The Business of Forestry within 12 months of the initial registration being granted.

AFP Academic/Research registrants who are granted a limited licence must also complete online experience area learning Module 4–Forest Legislation and Policy, within 12 months of the initial limited licence being granted.


Applications for AFP Limited Licence must also include the Limited Licence issuance policy and follow Limited Licence application procedures.