Affiliated Forest Professional

Affiliated Forest Professional (AFP) is a sub-category of associate registrant, enabled by FPBC bylaws under the Professional Governance Act (PGA). The AFP designation is available for individuals with professional experience or existing competencies related to professional forestry. AFP candidates may possess other professional designations or certifications or have extensive forest management and natural science related post-secondary education.

Currently, there are two pathways for registration as an AFP:

  • one for academics, instructors, and researchers;
  • one for those who require a limited licence in a narrow aspect of reserved practice.

Both types of AFP registration require a science-based degree or diploma in a forestry related field of study. AFP holders must also complete some FPBC experience area learning modules after their initial registration and are required to report Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity consistent with other practising registrants. AFPs cannot undertake activities within the reserved practice of professional forestry without additional FPBC certification.

Pathways to AFP Registration

AFP–Academic/Research (AFP-AR) is focused on post-secondary academics, instructors, and researchers who teach or undertake research activities in relation to trees, forests, forest lands, forest resources, forest transportation systems, or forest ecosystems (i.e., within the practice of professional forestry).

Teaching and research activities are often not within the reserved practice of professional forestry, meaning lay people can perform them. These applicants may have doctorate, masters, and bachelor degrees that do not align with the certification standards to become a Registered Professional Forester (RFP) or a Registered Forest Technologist (RFT), or they may not want to undergo a credential assessment to obtain such a designation. Eligibility for AFP-AR is based on a combination of post-graduate credentials with experience related to teaching or research.

AFP-Limited Licence (AFP-LL), is focused on professionals who require a limited license for a narrow aspect of reserved practice in professional forestry. Applicants must have significant experience in that practice area or are already registered as a practising registrant in good standing with another regulatory body under the PGA.

AFP-LL is designed to create a straightforward registration option for those with deeper experience in a single area of professional forestry practice; the holder cannot undertake activities in any other area of practice. The AFP-LL creates a solution for achieving compliance with the Forest Professionals Regulation when a person may be unlawfully undertaking the reserved practice of professional forestry or finds their current professional designation is misaligned with their area of practice.


The AFP-A/R is available for individuals who teach subjects in the field of forest management and natural science at a post-secondary level, and/or undertake research relating to forest management and natural sciences as it relates to activities within the regulated practice defined in the Forest Professionals Regulation.

AFP-Limited Licence

AFP-LL is available for individuals who work in forestry related fields who are at risk of infringing upon reserved practice of professional forestry. Limited licences permit registered forest technologists and subclasses of associate registrant to practice in specific aspects of reserved professional forestry practice. The credentials committee policy (limited licence issuance) specifies requirements for granting limited licences.