Kerri Simmons, RPF

Candidate for FPBC Board Vice-chair

Kerri Simmons, RPF #4238

Executive Summary

Kerri Simmons, RPF, is vice-chair of the 77th  FPBC Board, winning by acclimation.

Kerri was previously a Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC) councilor at large for a three-year term that ended in 2020.

Kerri arrived in British Columbia from Newfoundland to plant trees in 1990 and returned each of the following four springs to do the same.

Kerri enrolled in the College of New Caledonia’s Forest Resource Technology Program in 1994, and after completing it, along with another year of courses, enrolled in Forest Professionals British Columbia’s pupil program while working for consultants, and as a seasonal employee with Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

Kerri became an RPF in 2004 and now boasts experience in multi-phase development fieldwork, cutting authority administration, silviculture program implementation and management, and harvesting supervision.

Kerri is currently Director of Indigenous Partnerships at Canfor, and was previously Tenures Coordinator for the company, looking after tenure management, certification, and compliance for BC and Alberta operations.

Kerri volunteered on the 2017 FPBC conference and AGM host committee and helped test FPBC’s new registration process.

Professional Experience

  • Director, Indigenous Partnerships, Canfor (October 2020-present)
  • Woodlands FMS and Tenures Coordinator, Canfor (November 2012-October 2020)
  • Woodlands Information Management Coordinator, Canfor (July 2008–Nov. 2012)
  • Harvesting Supervisor, Personal Development, Canfor (Dec. 2007–April 2008)
  • Forestry Supervisor, Tenures, Canfor (April 2003–July 2004)
  • Crew Supervisor, DWB Forestry Services (May 2000-April 2003)
  • Silviculture Assistant, Canfor (May 1997-May 2000)

Related Experience

  • FPBC Board member
  • Chair, Diversity Council, Canfor
  • Indigenous cultural awareness and understanding
  • Strategic leadership
  • Dendrology lab demonstrator
  • Forestry assistant
  • Tree planter


  • Forestry pupil program, FPBC (1997-2000)
  • Forestry Resource Technology, College of New Caledonia (1994-1997)
  • General studies courses, Memorial University of Newfoundland (1988-1990)


  • FPBC (1999)