Previous Act and Bylaws

Historical Bylaws Under the Foresters Act

Before the Professional Governance Act (PGA) came into force in February 2021, Forest Professionals BC (FPBC) was governed by the Foresters Act and previous bylaws made under it.

The Foresters Act was repealed in February 2021, when the PGA took effect and previous bylaws were no longer in force.

However, previous bylaws may still be relevant in some investigation and discipline cases that concern registrants’ practice and conduct prior to the PGA and new bylaws coming into force.

Furthermore, the previous definition of the practice of professional forestry in Section 1 of the Foresters Act remains relevant because, under the Forest Professionals Regulation in the PGA, any practice that falls within the definitions of the practice of professional forestry in the former act is reserved practice under the PGA and may only be engaged in by registrants of FPBC.

Historical bylaws

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