Forest Professionals BC (FPBC) was created in 1947 under the provincial Foresters Act. In 2021, the Foresters Act was repealed and replaced with the Professional Governance Act (PGA), which continues to charge FPBC with a duty to serve and protect the public interest through the regulation of the practice of professional forestry. Specific responsibilities to be undertaken by FPBC are assigned in Section 22 of the PGA.

The PGA, along with its corresponding regulations and FPBC Bylaws, outline how the organization is to operate. A board is granted the authority to govern and administer the affairs of the organization in accordance with the PGA. The board uses a policy-based governance model to provide leadership and direction to the organization.

Using this governing style, the board:

  • makes decisions in the public interest and not in the interest of any particular group;
  • focuses primarily on vision, goals, objectives, and the future rather than management or operational matters that are the responsibility of the chief executive officer;
  • develops, maintains, and monitors the governance and limitation policies that guide the organization’s business operations;
  • has the responsibility of authority and oversight of the Chief Executive Officer and their performance.

Mandate, Vision & Mission

Protecting the public interest by regulating the practice of professional forestry.

Professional Governance Act

The PGA provides a governance framework for BC’s self-regulating professions in the natural resource sector.


Complete bylaws governing FPBC.

Annual General Meetings

The FPBC AGM is held annually in early February.

Annual Reports

Current and historical copies of the FPBC annual report.

Strategic Plans

Current and historical copies of the FPBC strategic plans.

Board & Committees

Learn more about how FPBC is governed.