Regulating the People Who Practice Forestry

Forest Professionals BC (FPBC) is the business name for the Association of BC Forest Professionals.

Forest professionals in British Columbia are a regulated profession, much like lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, and engineers. Under the authority of the Professional Governance Act (PGA), FPBC is responsible for regulating and registering the people practising professional forestry in BC.

FPBC sets the standards and criteria for admission to the profession and continuing practice. FPBC ensures only those with requisite education, experience, knowledge, and competence practise professional forestry and it holds registrants to account for following professional standards via a public complaint and discipline process. FPBC is governed by a board of elected registrants and four government appointees.

As a professional regulator under the PGA, FPBC does not advocate or lobby for any policy or activity that may be seen to benefit its registrants. Nor does it advocate for particular forest policies or outcomes. The determination of, setting, and enforcing forest policy is the responsibility of the provincial government.


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FPBC staff deliver the organization’s day-to-day operations to meet the responsibilities mandated by the Professional Governance Act and achieve the strategic goals and objectives set by the board.


FPBC partners with other provincial, national, and charitable organizations in support of expanding education about forestry and good forest stewardship.